View all vehicles on your main screen, control the cost spent on trucks

Monitor an overview of trucks, drivers, and vehicle positions through satellite maps on your screen. Cut costs, optimize routes, and store data with online freight exchanges.

Truck GPS Tracking

Truck GPS tracking has become an essential technology for professional shipping of goods and services. We provide efficient services including route mapping as well as accurate operational services and planning to decrease the cost of doing business in order for your company to stay competitive. RV Track GPS is created to keep track of vehicle movement, refueling, fuel consumptions, authorized driving style, economic driving, and movements. It’s an investment in a vehicle tracking system, which is quick to monitor your truck fleet 24/7.

Current Location Of All Vehicles

Our tracking system platform helps you to analyze and monitor that map showing current location and position of the vehicle, on the main screen. It saves time from clicking on lengthy menus. Because, our menu is simple, precise and easy. There is no need for making endless calls to drivers because you will be viewing moving and position of the vehicle.
These trackers are fast working with respect to accuracy and updating. The position of the truck will be updating every 5 seconds. You won’t miss a single thing about the movement.

  • An overview of all cars on the map.
  • Exact position updated every 5 seconds.
  • No more phone calls to drivers.
Fuel Consumption Under Control

The tracking devices are not just for locating the position of vehicles. They are also designed to keep a record of fuel consumption and cost of fuel according to traveled distance. RV Track GPS trackers can also provide an estimation of the fuel consumption based on vehicle type, travel distance and other factors including speed etc. The driving style, mishap, fuel theft will automatically be reported to you via email or SMS.

  • Fuel consumption overview.
  • Fueling tracking.
  • Fuel card data import.
  • Optional high accuracy fuel flow meter measuring.

Online Freight Exchanges Integration

RV Track GPS is directly connected with online freight exchanges, including TimoCom, LKW Walter Loads Today, RV Track GPS helps to keep a sense of transparency while dealing with any specific client. Connect directly to online freight exchanges.

  • Response quickly to a new demand for transport capacity.
  • Accurate data for your clients.

Route Optimization

With RV Track, you can measure it and improve it. Well, it is very simple. Because, RV Track GPS tracking system provides an accurate vehicle operation data, that you can use to optimize logistic system and planning of route management.

  • Concise travel history log.
  • Precise data for optimization.
  • Export to third-party applications.