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Are you worried about your RV getting stolen? Use recovery
mode to find out the location of your Motorcoach, Travel
Trailer, ATV, Golf Cart and your vehicle fast. Thinking of renting
your RV? Get peace of mind by knowing its location using our
easy to install magnetic tracker and our FREE Mobile app.

4G Trackers for All Vehicles
Track Anywhere, Any Time

Choose from a variety of GPS Trackers for your vehicle. All of
our GPS trackers are 4G and work with all major network

Fleet Management

Fleet GPS trackers can be integrated with sensors to provide
business capable data in Realtime. Our Tracking platform has
features that assist in reducing overheads by efficiently
managing operations.

Smart Trackers for Special

RV Track GPS also offers Marine GPS trackers on-demand to enable
tracking for a variety of water vehicles. Our Special Tracking
devices are waterproof and 4G enabled so you get rapid
connectivity and Realtime business updates.

Special Purpose Trackers,
Sensors and Accessories

Shipment tracking devices work with smart sensors to provide you
with multiple data points related to your shipment. Contact us to
learn more about our shipment tracking devices, sensors and

Keep Track of Your Recreational Vehicle

RV’s are not just a trailer or a motorcoach, RV’s are our homes on wheels. We live, eat, sleep, socialize, take vacations, and make memories with our families and friends in these “Homes on Wheels”. Only RV people will understand this, and the owners of RV Track GPS are proud RV people. If someone steals your RV, they are taking much more than a vehicle, they are taking your home. We take our jobs seriously to ensure our RV community can keep their RV safe at all times and make sure that if it does get stolen, you will find it.

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Portal Features

Smart Platform, Smart Management


See more details per vehicle and perform require operation in a snap. Its as simple, smart, and extremely fast

Check the real-time location of your collateral on the map view right at the first screen.

Get updates on vehicle movement or check the miles log to find out details about the route taken by your vehicles. Replay the exact route and stops of your fleet from the calendar for any number of days weeks or months.

Monitor all movement of your vehicle and if you uncover any discrepancy, readily report for repossession from the vehicle’s menu. Select your choice of Recovery agent or let us recommend one for you.

Get Robust Reporting on the go

With RV Track GPS Mobile Apps

Mobile Management

Asset Monitoring

Multiple Map Views

Easy Recovery

Emergency Locate

Location Information

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RV Track GPS Tracking Platform has been custom developed keeping in mind the requirements and functionality that owners seek.

Access your vehicle location at any time by using our FREE mobile app.

Further innovative features streamline fleet management operations related to accounting, route management, electronic logging, and reducing operational overheads.

I got the wired trackerbecause I keep my bike in a storage. I like how I get notifications to my phone when my motorcycle moves. I also get the bonus speed alerts and geofence alerts if someone else is using my bike I know how fast they are going! I’m getting another one of these trackers for my car for when my son borrows my car I know where he is at and if he says he is going to his girlfriend’s house he better be there because I can set the geofence to enter and I get notified when he arrives. This thing is awesome!

Roger P

I just purchased a wireless gps tracker from RV Track GPS and it was an easy transaction. Costumer service was amazing as I even received a call from costumer service letting me know that my order had shipped. Easy and quick directions on how to install. I highly recommend this company!

Silvia C

I installed an RV Track GPS tracker in my ATV. The app works great, and I was able to set up notifications super easy. I like that I can create a geofence and know when my ATV leaves that area. This is especially good when the kids are riding around. Highly recommend!

Michael P.

I recently started renting my camper. I needed a GPS tracker to make sure the renters didn’t take my RV beyond the agreed area. I got both the wired and the wireless tracker as back up. The wired tracker shows me Realtime location. The wireless tracker comes with a magnetic mount and is hidden in the camper. That one shows me location every 23 hours, but it has a shake awake feature and a recovery mode that will awaken the device to start sharing location more often. I have more peace of mind knowing where my camper is when is rented.

John S.

I like that I didn’t have to pay for activation, or a SIM card and 3 years of service are included! Do the math with other tracking companies they sell you thetracker, then you have to get a SIM card, they charge you for activation fee and then on top of that a monthly service charge. RV Track GPS is all included for 3 years and after that you only pay a small yearly fee. The tracker does what is supposed to do, looks and feel durable. The portal and the app are easy to use.

Kevin T

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