Frequently Asked Questions

Does RV Track GPS work on any vehicle like Motorcycle, Snowmobile, ATV, UTV, PWC and Golfcarts?

Yes, our GPS tracker devices work on all vehicles. Our wired unit works with any 12V or 16V (Golf Carts) power source as well.

Why RV Track GPS?

At RV Track we combine the best devices with our industry leading software. We are one of the few companies that developed, use and own our platform. When there is a need for a new product or tracking service, we can update and add new features to our platform that will meet our customer’s needs. Then we pair this technology with multiple wireless carriers to ensure our customers will always know where their hard-earned investment is located at all times.

What is a GPS System?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS uses satellites to provide an accurate location of your vehicle by using real-time data

How do I know my RV Track GPS device is working?

You can ensure your GPS tracking device is working by using our Free mobile app and confirming the location of your vehicle.

How does RV Track GPS notify me?

You will be notified via text & email notifications. Some of the alerts includes device in motion, low battery alert, speed alert, enter or exit Geofence.

How can I recover my ride?

You are able to email or text a link with the location of your stolen property from the mobile app and the portal. Just click on recovery mode and send the email to law enforcement to track and recover your stolen property.

How fast will RV Track GPS locate my ride?

You can locate your ride within minutes with our real-time tracking wired device. The wireless device updates its location daily but once its placed in recovery it starts updating the location every 20 minutes.

What is Geo Fence?

Geo-fence is virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. A geo-fence can generate a predefined set of boundaries. Once you have set up your Geo-fence, you will receive text or email alerts letting you know your vehicle has entered or exited the Geo-fence perimeter.

How does the Speed Alert work?

You can set up a designated speed limit. When your vehicle exceeds the speed limit, you will receive a text or email alert.

If my vehicle battery is dead, does RV Track GPS device have a battery back up?

YES, up to a week with the wired device. You will also receive a notification if device is removed from its power source.

How do I know if my battery is getting low?

Click on the RV Track GPS logo on the map to see the status of the device.

Where can I install my device?

You can take power from any 12-volt or 16-volt power source. We recommend checking signal when installed to insure the device is tracking properly. Signal strength can be checked in our app by clicking the RV Track GPS logo in map view.

Is my tracker water resistant?

YES. RV Track GPS devices are IP67 rated, waterproof, marine graded and can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Do I have to register my vehicle?

No, but you can add the VIN and any other vehicle information in the platform.

Can I transfer my RV Track System to a new ride?

You can transfer your device at no cost.

By installing a GPS tracker, will I get a discount on my insurance?

You may be eligible for up to a 30% discount on your comprehensive insurance. Check with your local Insurance Agent for details.

Why do I need RV Track GPS if I have insurance?

The more insurance claims you make the higher your insurance premiums will be. Who wants to go through an insurance claim process? Would they pay the full amount you owed the bank? Will your premiums go up after a big claim? With RV Track GPS you can recover your vehicle fast.

How much is the service for RV Track GPS?

The first 3 years is inclusive, annual renewal starts as low as $49.99 per year.