Your Company Fleet On One Screen

Perfect overview of all company vehicles and their drivers. Control consumption, prevent unauthorized use of cars, and much more.

Company Vehicles Tracking

Reliability of fleet tracking software and tracking mobile apps is very important. We offer high quality fleet tracking software.

Electronic Log book

Fleet tracking services are also synchronized with an electronic logbook to automatically store data and record every move, direction, and condition of cars and other vehicles. Our GPS website platform allows you to access the tracking system and tracking data stored. You can use this recorded data to create reports and print documents for record keeping.

  • Automatic logbook generation.
  • Trip purpose differentiation.
  • One-click reports.
Driver Identification

To identify drivers, their movements and monitoring their report viewing vehicles is done through tracking. We offer special services to ease identification for drivers. It offers automatic driver identification, the very moment driver enters in company’s vehicle. RV’s tracking platform enables you to analyze the driving styles and fuel consumption of drivers.

  • Automatic driver Identification.
  • RFID or Dallas Chips Technology.
  • Data for individual drivers directly in the system.

Easier Fleet Management.

Fleet management is very effective concerning cost-saving measures because it helps in continuous planning to find more effective routes. RV Track GPS tracking system is the best that you can find because it has made tracking much more easier and accessible as compared to the options available in the market. It stores your vehicles’s data, keeps an electronic logbook and record routes.

  • Monitoring of Corporate vehicles and drivers
  • Fuel Consumption & service check reminders
  • Advanced reporting, user reports, API

This tracking software and inbuilt system are designed to send alerts about any upcoming service checks i.e. tracking fuel consumption. It also provides services in preventing misuse of company vehicles for personal and private use. RV Track GPS tracking system can be easily integrated with fleet management systems, ERP, and logistic based systems.

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